Aztec Puzzle – a sliding tiles puzzle variation

by admin on 16/03/2011

In the year 1803 – Napolean was tyrannising the old world – Alexander von Humboldt was journying New-Spain. On a cold and windy morning he was standing on the waterside of the slowly disappearing Lake Texcoco, which had covered the bigger part of the Anahuac Valley a long time ago. It’s waters had enclosed the former Aztec capitol Tenochtitlán but now the expanse of water was shrinking every year leaving morass and badlands. Undergrowth was overgrowing the ruins of a long-forgotten empire …

In one of the ruins men of Humboldt’s expedition found some stones with something engraved to them. Unfortunately those stones were shuffled and none of the expedition’s members was able to rearrange them correctly – could you?

Try to solve the puzzle by moving the stones. You can only drag columns or rows where no stone is missing. It seems quite simple but appearences are deceptive, aren’t they?

Have fun with this brainteaser.

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